Turn your passion into your profession.

Ryubi International Beauty College is a professional beauty school operated by the educational institution Ryubi Academy. It has been nearly 60 years since it was first opened in Okinawa. Located on Kokusai-dori Street at the center of Naha City, Ryubi International Beauty College offers a curriculum emphasizing hands-on learning that includes an overseas training program.

The annual Beauty Showcase" is a school tradition that has been held every year since its founding. This event gives students the chance to show off their many individual talents and allows them to refine their stage presentation skills and sensibilities.

Why not come polish your own skills at this truly unique institution?

At Ryubi Academy, you can discover a new you that you never knew existed.Reinvent yourself and make your ideas a reality!

Beauty Studies Daytime/Night/Correspondence study Classes

So you're absolutely set on becoming a beautician? To do so, you need to obtain National Beautician Certification, which will require a significant amount of education, along with many other requirements. That's where Ryubi comes in! We provide efficient academic and hands-on training along with practical courses that will ensure a feeling of personal progress and improvement each day. In addition to obtaining your national certification, you can also explore your own fields of interest and work towards obtaining other certifications, making your learning experience all the more enjoyable! After all, excitement is what gives people the drive to turn their dreams into reality. Let Ryubi's beauty training help you become the person you want to be.

Esthetics and Business Program

Help people obtain the youth and beauty they yearn for through the soothing power of aromatherapy, facials, and cosmetic techniques. Reveal their inner beauty and experience the happiness and satisfaction that comes from seeing their gratitude. The mind and beauty are intimately connected. At Ryubi, you'll learn about both simultaneously. We don't just teach beauty-related knowledge and techniques. We cultivate true therapists.
In this world, nothing is more beautiful than a smile. And pouring your heart into your work is the key to making people smile. The wonderful power of technology makes it all possible.