Esthetics and Business Program

Become a true therapist, one whose warmth soothes people’s hearts and earns their adoration

Ryubi’s Esthetics and Business Program offers the same instruction in makeup and nail techniques as the Beauty Studies Program, but places special emphasis on cultivating the skills and mindset required for becoming a therapist. This program is recommended primarily to those who seek to become estheticians, therapists, and beauticians with a comprehensive training background.

International Therapist Course

Learn techniques from around the world, right here in Okinawa

This program focuses on obtaining certification as an esthetician by Association of Japanese esthetician and beauty therapist(AJESTHE). The second-year applied curriculum incorporates classes that teach students techniques from other countries, cultivating an international sensibility and skill set. In addition to English conversation courses, students also have opportunities for short-term study abroad experiences and the chance to learn traditional techniques, thus allowing them to learn both inside and outside of class while in Okinawa. Basic Certification Available: Japan Esthetics Association-certified Esthetician

Capacity 20
Enrollment April
Period of study 2years
Class hours 10:00 a.m. – 15:30 p.m.
Admissions requirements Men and women who have graduated from or are expected to graduate from high school

<Short-term Overseas Training Program>

First Year Short-term Study Abroad in Bali

The island of Bali in Indonesia is famous as a health resort, and is beloved by many celebrities all over the world. There are several five-star hotels, and many of them have their own spa facilities. Through the International Therapist Course, students enroll at a partner school in Bali and study the following curriculum from local instructors. Through practical examinations, students will earn certification in Balinese massage.

List of Techniques Taught
  • ・Balinese oil body massage
  • ・Balinese dry body massage
  • ・Balinese facial
  • ・Foot reflexology
  • ・Balinese body scrub and mask
  • ・Cream bath (head spa)
  • ・Dry head massage
Certification Courses
  • ・History of Balinese Massage
  • ・Balinese Herb Effects and Varieties (Fundamentals)
  • ・Balinese Herb Effects and Varieties (Applied)
  • ・Anatomical Physiology (English)

Second Year Thai Training Program *Elective System

As part of their applied studies, second-year students will go to Bangkok, Thailand and learn traditional Thai massage techniques at a local school.

List of Techniques Taught
  • ・Thai Massage Body & Head
Certification Courses
  • ・Theory Lecture (Anatomical Physiology/Oriental Beauty Studies)
  • ・Business Establishment Support Lecture
  • ・Thai Massage Fundamental Theory (Pathways/Acupressure)

<List of Available Certifications>


Makeup Therapy Certification

  • Facial care
  • Makeup theory
  • Party makeup
  • Fashion makeup
  • Kimono/Western-style dress bridal makeup
  • Stage makeup
  • Image makeup
  • Special makeup
  • Esthetic theory


JNA Nail Certification Gel Nail Certification

  • Nail care
  • Hand care
  • Gel nails
  • Nail art
  • Illustrations
  • 3D
  • Artificial nails
  • Sculptured nails
  • Tip overlay
  • French sculptured nails


Chiropractic Skills Completion Certificate Beginner

As a therapist, you’ll deepen your knowledge about the body we need for work, including the roles of various bones and muscles, allowing you to master the various hand techniques. This course will teach you introductory-level chiropractic techniques that are based on knowledge of the body’s anatomical structure as well as fundamental skills.

Kimono Dressing

Yamanoryu Kisou Kimono Dressing Instructor

  • Yukata

Learn about kimono nomenclature and handling techniques as well as yukata wear and other fundamental techniques. You can also elect to work toward becoming a full-fledged Yamanoryu Kisou kimono dressing instructor. You can learn the joy of putting on your own kimono and of helping others wear theirs as well.


Aroma Environment Association of Japan Aromatherapy Certification

Aromatherapy has garnered attention for its effects not only at the home, but also for their medical and nursing applications, and demand for knowledge of how to safely practice it is increasing. Obtaining aromatherapy certification will enable you to use your knowledge of plant scents in a variety of situations. In addition, continuing to deepen your knowledge after graduation can enable you to become an aromatherapy professional.

Optical Depilation

Optical Depilation Skills Completion Certificate

We offer a course that incorporates safety exam-compliant optical depilators as based on safeguards established by the Japan Esthetic Industrial Association. Learn how to use these devices and experience how they feel for yourself as you study practical techniques and deepen your hair-related knowledge. This education will open new doors for you post-graduation, and will give you a competitive edge in your future endeavors.


  • Secretarial Skills Certification
  • Personal Colorist Certification, and more

<Curriculum Examples>

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00~10:50 Facial workshop Coloring Reflexology Oriental beauty studies Cosmetics studies
11:00~11:50 Facial workshop Depilation Theory Reflexology Oriental beauty studies Cosmetics studies
Meal break
12:40~13:30 English conversation Secretarial duties Reflexology Kimono dressing Balinese
13:40~14:30 Anatomy Secretarial duties Reflexology Kimono dressing Balinese
14:40~15:30 Anatomy Secretarial duties Yoga Kimono dressing Balinese

Basic Curriculum

Theory Courses
  • ■Biological Activity and Homeostasis
  • ■Esthetic Counseling Studies
  • ■Public Health/Hygiene Management
  • ■Anatomical Physiology
  • ■Exercise Physiology
  • ■Salon Management Studies
  • ■Dermatological Studies
  • ■Esthetic Device Studies
  • ■Customer Service Etiquette
  • ■Nutrition Science
  • ■Esthetic Theory
  • ■First Aid
  • ■Cosmetics Studies
  • ■Relevant Laws and Regulations
  • ■Aromatherapy
Technical Courses
  • ■Facial Esthetics
  • ■Body Esthetics
  • ■Wax Depilation/Optical Depilation
  • ■Balinese Massage
  • ■Chiropractics/Osteopathy
  • ■Head Spa/Shampooing/Drying
  • ■Makeup
  • ■Nails
  • ■Reflexology
  • ■Lymph Drainage
  • ■Hot-stone Therapy
  • ■Body Jewelry
  • ■Coloring/Personal coloring
  • ■Secretarial Etiquette
  • ■Kimono Dressing
  • ■Yoga
  • ■Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Esthetics and Business Special Course

Correspondence study Classes, April/October Admissions
Correspondence study course features: Study from home and gain fundamental knowledge using basic textbooks, and learn techniques via live instruction taking place twice a year.

Work towards your dream at your own pace. Throw yourself into everything with all your might!
Correspondence study Classes allows you to work while you study. We recommend this course to those who wish to master the fundamentals of esthetics according to their own schedule.

Enrollment April/October
Period of study 1.5 years
Instruction March/August
Instruction period 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (5:00 p.m. depending on course)
Number of days/hours 26 days/120 hours
Comments from Alumni
Esthetics and Business Program
4th-term Student Mai Kamiji
In my first year, I underwent training in Bali and got to know everyone really well. After I got a job, my customers expressed satisfaction when surveyed, which made me really happy.
Place of Employment: Relaxation Salon You-Umi, Naha Branch
Esthetics and Business Program
Spa Therapist
Third-term Student Rie Yamajiro
The Esthetics and Business Program has a small number of students, which enabled me to learn various skills and receive a lot of individual instruction. In the future, I’d like to open my own beauty salon at home with the support of my repeat clients, even if it’s on the smaller side.
Place of Employment: Okinawa Spa Resort EXES/Creer du Decleor