Application Requirements: Esthetics and Business Program, Correspondence study Classes

Application Requirements

Program Esthetics and Business Program, Correspondence study Classes
Number of positions 20
Duration of study 1.5 years
Enrollment period April/October


Graduation from junior high school or higher

Application Arrival Deadline and Entrant Selection Schedule

General Entrance Examination Application Arrival Deadline Entrance Examination Date
1st October 5th, 2018 (Fri) October 6th, 2018 (Sat)
2nd October 19th, 2018 (Fri) October 20th, 2018 (Sat)
3rd November 2nd, 2018 (Fri) November 3rd, 2018 (Sat)
4th November 30th, 2018 (Fri) December 1st, 2018 (Sat)
5th January 11th, 2019 (Fri) January 12th, 2019 (Sat)
6th February 8th, 2019 (Fri) February 9th, 2019 (Sat)
7th February 10th, 2019 (Sun) onward: Will notify individually

*We will notify you should circumstances require a change in schedule.

*General entrance examinations outside of the above dates (7th and beyond) will be handled on an as-need basis.

*We may stop accepting applications if the applicant quota is reached.

2019 Tuition for the Esthetics and Business Program, Correspondence study Classes

April Enrollment When Exam is Passed 1st Year, 1st Term Total
Entrance Fee 100,000 100,000
Tuition 180,000 180,000
Facility Expenses 10,000 10,000
Teaching Materials Fee 60,000 60,000
Total 100,000 250,000 350,000

*For applications from February 2019 and forward, the entrance fee and 1st year first term tuition will need to be paid within two weeks.

*After entrant selection, successful applicants should make their payment (entrance fee and 1st year first term tuition) at the nearest bank using the form we designate by the designated date.

*If the payment process is not complete by the deadline, admission may be revoked. In addition, successful applicants who withdraw their admission due to personal circumstances must contact the admissions office.

*In principle, those who express their intent to withdraw their admission by March 31st, 2019 will have their tuition, dues, and so on (minus the entrance fee) refunded.

*In principle, tuition should be paid in a single installment, but we may be able to make arrangements regarding unpaid fees or payment plans.

Application Process

Gather the following materials and mail them together in an envelope, or deliver them directly.

1. Application form

2. 15,000 yen screening fee (enclose a postal money order if mailing)

3. School record/transcript from your school

4. Four photos (one attached to the application form, the rest enclosed)

5. Three 82-yen stamps

*Enter your name accurately, as it appears in your family registry.

*For details regarding the school record/transcript, inquire with your school.

*Records/transcripts issued by the school the applicant has graduated from that have been opened will be rendered invalid.

*Applicants who have passed the Japanese High School Equivalency Exam should enclose a certificate demonstrating this.

Admissions Process

Please pay the entrance fee by the designated deadline.

If the payment process is not complete by the deadline, your passing status may be revoked.

Selection Process

General Entrance Examination・・・・・Document screening/interview

*Recommendation-based admissions do not apply for admissions into the correspondence study classes. We appreciate your understanding.

Announcement of Results

Results will be mailed to you within a week of the admissions selection date. We will not respond to phone inquiries.