Beauty Studies Program Merit Entrance Examination Overview


The Merit Entrance Examination was established to open the doors of our institution to passionate applicants from a wide range of ages.

In addition, we have implemented an interview process that emphasizes individual expression in order to make it easier to admit students with unique traits, one of our academy's key goals.

Selection Process

Merit Entrance Exam: Document screening (application, self-recommendation), interview

*Interview: Use a method, style, special ability, and so on that best expresses your unique attributes (a presentation of about five minutes is recommended)


・Having designated our institution as your first choice

・Being involved in sports, hobbies, volunteer work, or possess work experience, etc., that can express your suitability and appeal

Eligible Programs

Beauty Studies Regular Program, Daytime Classes Professional Post-secondary Course/Advanced Course

Eligible Applicants

High school graduates and above, and working adults

*Excluding night class and correspondence study classes

Successful Applicant Bonuses

Applicants who pass the Merit Entrance Examination can earn the following bonuses, in the order shown.

Available Assistance

・Entrance Fee

・1st-year Tuition

・2nd-year Tuition


S Bonus A Bonus B Bonus C Bonus
Entrance Fee All (100,000 yen) Half (50,000 yen) Half (50,000 yen) 30,000 yen discount
Tuition 100,000 yen 50,000 yen
Total Amount 200,000 yen discount 100,000 yen discount 50,000 yen discount 30,000 yen discount

(日本語) 選考料

(日本語) 15,000円

(日本語) 選考方法

(日本語) ・書類審査


(日本語) 提出書類

(日本語) ・AOエントリーシート



(日本語) エントリー特典

(日本語) (第1期)2020年8月中:入学金100,000円免除 選考料15,000円免除

(第2期)2020年9月中:入学金50,000円免除 選考料15,000円免除