About Ryubi

Our Philosophy

“Turn your passion into your profession.”

The students who apply to our institution are full of hopes and dreams, as well as a desire to make them a reality. With this in mind, the instructors at Ryubi are constantly thinking about how they can inspire students to grow into people who are able to forge their own paths in life. This drive has remained unchanged since our founding in 1959.
In 2014, we were newly certified by the Ministry of Education(MEXT) as an institution that offers a professional post-secondary course of study, thus allowing us to open our doors to adults hoping to continue their education.
Ryubi has continued to evolve throughout its 59-year history, and it has no intention of stopping.

Ryubi Academy
Yoshiaki Goya, Managing Director


Name Ryubi Academy Ryubi International Beauty College (Former Name: Ryukyu Beauty Vocational College)
Founded 1959
Location 2-6-25 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
Main TEL 098-868-2288
Main FAX 098-861-8736
URL http://www.ryubi-ac.com


1950 The late Ryoki Goya becomes the first male in Okinawa Prefecture to obtain certification as a beautician from the Ryukyu government.
1959 Certified by the Ryukyu government as the first training institute for beauticians in Okinawa. Established as Ryukyu Technical Beauty College in Kume, Naha City. (Founder: Ryoki Goya)
1972 After the return to the mainland, the Ministry of Health and Welfare designates the institution the Ryukyu Beauty Vocational School.
1989 A course in Yamanoryu Kisou is first offered. The college name is changed to Ryukyu Beauty Vocational College.
1998 Due to a revision in the Cosmetologists Act that changed the minimum training period to two years, a second building is completed in Tomari, Naha City. A correspondence study program is established.
2001 Becomes a Sassoon (London, UK) Schoolship member institution. London training is introduced.
2006 The college moves from Kume and Tomari, Naha City to a new building on Kokusai-dori Street (2-6-25 Makishi). The school’s name is changed to Ryubi International Beauty College.
2007 Introduction of the “Elective Course” system to allow students to increase their proficiency and knowledge in a specific field.
2008 Becomes accredited as a Fleurimon Paris Make Up and Hair Styling School (France) institution. Paris training is introduced.
2009 50th anniversary of the school’s founding. Yoshiaki Goya assumes the post of Managing Director.
2010 Formation of a sister school partnership with the Dongfang High School of Industry and Commerce in Taipei, Taiwan.
2011 Formation of an educational partnership with the SEAR JAGAT SPASCHOOL in Indonesia.
2012 “Beauty Treatment & Chiropractic Therapist” and “Photo Design” programs established.
2013 53rd Anniversary ceremony held for the Okinawa Photo Design School (2-1-13 Matsuo, Naha City). Beauty training offered at PIA HAIR SALON in Los Angeles, U.S.
2014 55th anniversary of the school’s founding.
2015 Jewelry Design program established at Okinawa Photo Design Craft School (school name changed).
2016 Partnership as a supporting institution formed with Yashima Gakuen University International High School.
2017 The Esthetics and Business Program Beauty Business Course (for International Students) is established.


Ryubi International Beauty College

Location 2-6-25 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa 900-0013
Contact Information TEL:098-868-2288

Sister School: Okinawa Photo Design Craft School

Location 2-1-13 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa 900-0014
Contact Information TEL:098-988-4696