Robust Support System

In addition to your knowledge and skills, the thing that most workplaces look for is your ability to communicate with customers. To help students become professionals in this service-based industry, we offer classes on customer service etiquette. In addition, we invite hair salon owners and shop managers to provide job search guidance, practical hair salon training, and more. Advisors provide advice tailored to students’ individual desires and qualifications, as well as support for employment examinations and interviews. These employment support measures in combination with our institution’s long history result in job offers from several employers every year, not only from hair salons within the prefecture, but also from employers in other prefectures and for other occupations related to the beauty industry.

Employment Support System

On-site Salon Instruction

Develop practical skills by applying your classroom knowledge in an authentic salon setting. Increase your understanding of what it means to be a professional and refine your abilities.

National Examination Prep Class

The small number of students allows us to provide personalized instruction. We utilize a variety of methods to help students pass their examinations, including mock exams that simulate genuine testing, a concentrated exam preparation program, and more.

Over 10,000 Graduates

A large number of our graduates are working as professionals. Ryubi’s reputation has spread throughout society and the industry, which has resulted in better job opportunities for graduates.

Obtain the Certifications You Want

We offer many certifications and examinations related to beauty studies, as well as personalized instruction to help students be successfully pass them. An expanded skill set means expanded opportunities.

A Curriculum that Teaches Advanced Technical Skills

The Beauty Studies Regular Program features a curriculum that encourages steady improvement and enhances student aptitude. Mastery leads to confidence, which makes it easier to realize your dreams.

Partnership with Okinawa Photo Design Craft School

Ryubi works together with its sister school, the Okinawa Photo Design Craft School. By utilizing the strengths that each offers, students can create high-quality works in our photo studios.

The Meaning of “Professional Post-secondary Course”

On August 30th, 2013, Ryubi International Beauty College’s Beauty Studies Regular Program received authorization from the Ministry of Education(MEXT), Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to change its status from “Special Course” to “Professional Post-secondary Course” via the issuance of Ministry of Education(MEXT), Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Notification No. 133 entitled “Regulations regarding authorization of professional post-secondary courses.” A professional post-secondary course is a specialized course of study at an advanced vocational school that is recognized by the Ministry of Education(MEXT), Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as cultivating practical technical skills required for employment, and provides systematic education that develops knowledge and expertise in one’s major field of study.
 It is characterized by:
・A curriculum that utilizes partnerships with companies and other entities to offer practical education that emphasizes on-site skills
・Offering vocational training stipends for working adults who are admitted
*Certain procedures and conditions must be fulfilled in order to receive stipends for practical education.

The Steps to Employment

STEP.1Setting Study Goals for Each Term
By setting goals for the various aspects of your curriculum, you can give your studies more purpose.
STEP.2Acquisition of Qualifications and Certifications
Study certification examination strategies for qualifications beneficial to employment such as nail care and kimono dressing and aim to obtain these qualifications.
STEP.3Internship Guidance
Utilize on-site multi-day company training and the employment guidance provided by the college to deepen your understanding of jobs and the industry.
STEP.4Career Consultation with Your Advisor
Your advisor will give you advice regarding employers that fits with your personal desires and aptitude, as well as share information about job offers from employers with you.
STEP.5Job Search and Employment Exams
Your advisor will assist you in your job search with everything ranging from resume building to interview preparation.
STEP.6Acquire Beautician Certification
Prepare for the national examination by taking mock academic and practical exams, and aim to obtain your beautician license.

General Affairs Division

Yuki Tamoto
I was born in Okinawa Prefecture. I’m in charge of administrative affairs and tuition. I can answer all of your scholarship- and tuition-related questions. The administrative office look on at the school each day, watching its students turning into amazing adults. Besides academics and technical skills, Ryubi also teaches its students the etiquette they need to become proper members of our society. Are you worried about your future? Then why not participate in one of Ryubi’s open campus events? I’m sure that doing so will help clear your path forward!

Global Business Marketing Department

韓 道植
Han Dosik
Born in Seoul City from Korea.
Hairdresser Since 1998, developed franchise stores of Beauty & Curl Hair in Indonesia, China, Philippines, Korea.
Currently, started educational director of Beauty & Curl Hair Headquarters, and is managing Beauty & Curl Hair in Gwanghwamun. Project manager for beauty education project under jurisdiction of Ministry of Education in Indonesia.
We are hoping to help build a foundation for international exchange with the goal of developing global human resources as well as further overseas education projects. From now on I will support the students who have highly educated Japanese skills and qualifications flapping to the world and expanding their place of activity. Destination Related Countries: Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Taiwan