Scholarships and Loans

1. Ryubi Academy Entrance Fee Family Waiver System (excepting correspondence study classes students)
Those who have a sibling enrolled in the Beauty Studies Regular Program or a family member who has graduated from the college may have the entrance fee waived.  
  •  ① If siblings enroll at the same time, the entire entrance fee is waived (100,000 yen per person).
  •  ② If a sibling enrolls at a different time, the entire entrance fee is waived for the second sibling onward (100,000 yen per person).
  •  ③ If an applicant’s father, mother, or sibling has graduated from the college, the entrance fee is halved (50,000 yen).
2. Student Discounts (excepting correspondence study classes students)
Students who use the monorail, bus, or other forms of public transportation to commute to school are eligible for student discounts.
3. Japan Student Services Organization (only applies to daytime-class students of the Beauty Studies Regular Program or Esthetics and Business Program who enroll in April)
System Prospective Student Applications: In this system, students apply while still in high school. Students should apply directly through their high schools. Enrolled Student Applications: We will provide information about applications after students have been admitted.* 1
Scholarship Type #1 Scholarship Type #2
Monthly amount/Commuting from home・・・ 53,000 yen
Commuting from elsewhere・・・・・・・・60,000 yen
Commuting from either home or elsewhere・・30,000 yen
○Commuting from either home or elsewhere Applicant can choose freely from 30,000 yen, 50,000 yen, 80,000 yen, 100,000 yen, and 120,000 yen per month. (No interest while enrolled. A fluctuating interest rate will be applied to post-graduation repayment, with a maximum rate of 3%.) *2
Notes Applies during one’s term of study (screening required if continuing one’s studies)

*1 We will collect all application materials for “Enrolled Student Applications” and send them to the Japan Student Services Organization. Afterwards, screening will occur at the Japan Student Services Organization and applicant selections will be determined. However, as there is only room for a limited number of applicants, there is no guarantee that your application will be among those chosen.

*2 This is the interest rate as of November 2017.

4. Okinawa International Exchange & Human Resources Development Foundation (excepting correspondence study classes students)
Applicants who have Japanese citizenship and whose guardians reside within Okinawa Prefecture are eligible to receive scholarships. For details, please inquire with the admissions office.
5. Educational Loans from Our Partner
We have partnered with Orient Corporation to help ease the temporary financial burden on guardians through scholarships, our “Tuition Support Plan” that allows for payments to be made in installments, and more. For details, contact the “Orico Tuition Support Desk” below.  
Orico Tuition Support Desk (toll free): 0120-517-325 Business Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., or search for “Orico Tuition”
6. Educational Loans
As our institution is a vocational school that has received prefectural approval under Article 82 (2) of the School Education Law, educational loans from city and local banks are available. In addition, the People’s Finance Corporation and other national organizations may be used as well.
Okinawa Development Finance Corporation
System Guardians of students planning to enroll Loan Amount 3.5 million yen or less per student Annual interest 2.36% (as of March 2015)
Repayment Period Within 15 years (this may be extended for an additional three years for households with orphans due to a traffic accident, or those with absentee fathers)
Sample Repayment Schedule (assuming equal monthly payments with interest)
Repayment Period: 5 years (60 payments)
Loan Amount 2 million yen 1 million yen
Monthly Repayment Amount (Estimate) 35,900 yen (Estimate) 18,000 yen
Sample Repayment Schedule (assuming equal monthly payments with interest)
Repayment Period: 10 years (120 payments)
Loan Amount 2 million yen 1 million yen
Monthly Repayment Amount (Estimate) 18,800 yen (Estimate) 9,400 yen
*Repayment of up to one half the loan in the bonus month is also possible. Please contact the following offices for details.
Branch Offices
Loan Headquarters, Second Division, Loan Consultation/Education Pension Section TEL:098-941-1798 FAX:098-941-1910
Central Branch TEL:098-937-3282 FAX:098-921-4190
Northern Branch TEL:0980-52-2338 FAX:0980-51-1008
Miyako Branch TEL:0980-72-2446 FAX:0980-72-7049
Yaeyama Branch TEL:0980-82-2701 FAX:0980-83-1634
7. Other Assistance
If the main person responsible for paying tuition passes away up to one year prior to enrollment, or if it is determined that it would be difficult for the student him/herself or the main person responsible for paying the tuition to pay the entrance fee due to a natural disaster, etc., the entrance fee may be halved or completely waived if the student applies for such a waiver and it receives approval.
Financial Support System for Those Living Alone
This system is designed to support those commuting from outside the prefecture, outlying islands, or other distant location.
Eligibility Those under 20 who are planning to newly live alone upon enrollment
Form Exemptions and payment reductions
Total Amounts ①Admissions screening fee 15,000 yen exemption
②Pre-tuition payment upon enrollment 50,000 yen reduction
③2nd-year second term tuition 50,000 yen reduction

Total: 115,000 yen in assistance

Period While enrolled
Selection Document screening
Eligibility: Those under 20 who are planning to newly live alone upon enrollment
*Recommendation-based admissions examination applicants (from designated schools/equivalent to A-level honor students or higher)
*Excluding students in Beauty Studies evening classes, correspondence study classes, or Esthetics and Business program(Correspondence study Classes)
After filling out the Financial Support System for the Those Living Alone application form, submit it along with your admissions materials.